Content Network Tips – Money Making Sales Funnel

Using content network traffic to funnel highly qualified leads into the top of your money making sales funnel is a very sound and strategic business model and this is how it works.

Targeted Traffic

First you must buy targeted traffic by using keywords which are related to your offers so that your ads will appear in front of the right people. Make sure that your text ads or image ads are compelling enough to get people to click in order to visit your website or landing page.

Sales Funnel

You must have a sales process or a sales funnel as what most direct one funnel away results marketers would call it. Your landing page must at least be able to capture the emails of your visitors so that you can follow up with them and present more offers to them.

Lead Generation

Rather than going for the sale right off the bat, your focus should be on generating leads into the top of your funnel. Following up with email is a must, if it is appropriate, you can follow up with a postcard, a letter, some package in the mail or a phone call.

Follow Up

When following up, rather than constantly presenting sales pitches, you can give away some free valuable content or samples. If you can send them valuable and interesting content, at the same time you mix your promotional offers into them, you might get much better sales conversions.

Cash Flow

Watch cash flow closely as some leads from content network might not buy on the same day that they see your ad. It all depends on your industry, the nature of your product, how smooth your sales process is and how persuasive you are.

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Are You Faking It?

Faking it in the bedroom is not solving anything.

Faking orgasms is inauthentic. In the most intimate of moments you are lying to your partner. How do you think he will feel when he finds out? CRUSHED!~

Faking it is a huge lie. If you fake it during sex, you probably lie about other things within your relationship as well. Where else do you lie to your partner? Faking it is avoidance of the issues, at hand. You are not doing yourself or your relationship any favors by hiding this truth. The fact that you are faking it means you are afraid to talk about a very deep and intimate issue.

Transparency is the way to go in open and honest relationships. Complete honesty with nothing to hide builds trust, and creates intimacy. Learning to talk about what you need and desire in the bedroom takes compassion and moving beyond your fears of intimacy.

Why Do Women FAKE IT?

According to a recent study 80% of women fake orgasm over 50% of the time. 28% of men fake orgasms. This is not a mean-spirited act, but rather to boost their partners self esteem. We fake it because we don’t want to cheap fake ID bruise our partner’s ego. We fake it because if we don’t, you won’t get any sleep. We fake it because we don’t want to hurt our partner’s feelings. I have to be honest. I used to. I was concerned about my husband’s ego. I felt bad and often guilty because I didn’t feel complete. It left me feeling insecure and uncomfortable. I knew there was a better way. I had tried to talk about it, but my husband became very hurt and also angry. He felt threatened. It felt awkward and uncomfortable. Understand that you are not alone. That millions of women have the same issues and that there is help. Knowing the best way to approach this very sensitive subject helps.

The typical woman needs 45 minutes of foreplay to achieve an orgasm. The average man on the other hand can last between 2 and twenty minutes up to an hour for some men. (Gentlemen, please recognize that I am talking averages here.) It can feel uncomfortable and put both parties under pressure when an orgasm doesn’t happen. As a result, many fake it and that’s that, it’s over. It makes you wonder why we were created with such different needs. The amount of time and attention most women need seems so out of proportion to what men need. When some men get excited to the point of orgasm just by seeing their partner naked. As the comedian Whitney Cummings says, all she has to do is take her boyfriend’s socks off! It seems the kind thing to do – fake it.

What Issues Are Created By Faking It?

Frustration from lack of fulfillment leads to anger and resentment. This is not anyone’s fault. When you aren’t satisfied and make a habit of faking it, you will eventually feel left out and even angry. When do you stop and turn to face the elephant in the room; after 5 years, 10, or when you get a divorce? Women eventually become disenchanted with sex when the outcome consistently leaves them feeling flat and unsatisfied. When women fake it, the men usually have no idea. They snuggle peacefully thinking they have done their job well and go to sleep. Women, more often than men, are the ones left hanging, frustrated unable to sleep after sex. People this is supposed to be fun, pleasurable and bring you closer, not the other way around!